Information Technology Solutions

• Specification, design, build and delivery of tailored IT solutions

• From embedded micro controllers to 19" rack mount systems

• Robust systems for wheeled, tracked and rail vehicle installations

We have experience in specifying and building IT hardware solutions to meet a diverse spectrum of client requirements.

From a single board computer system based around small form factor technologies through to fixed installation industrial rack mount server systems, we have a technology solution that is right for you.

Micro systems
Microprocessor and embedded systems based architectures designed to perform a specific function in fixed and hand held instruments.

Mini PC
These compact computers are based around the small footprint single board technologies with fanless CPU's and can offer Users the familiar Microsoft® Windows operating system whatever the physical environment. Form factors include COM Express, EPIC, EBX and PC104.

Rack mount computers
19" rack and panel mounted servers and process control computers in a range of chassis sizes from 1U upward.

Bespoke housings
We design and build PC equipment integrated together with scientific and technical functionality within a single bespoke housing to provide a 'one box' solution.

4U Rackmount PC