Technology Solutions

We have experience in providing technology solutions to diverse market sectors involved with:

• leading edge science and technology

• medical and healthcare

• renewable energy and the environment

• electrical power and control

• terrestrial and satellite communications

• automotive and rail

• Security, Defence, and Welfare

• Academia and technology transfer


Much of our work is covered by confidentiality undertakings with each of our clients so we can only provide you with the briefest glimpse here.

Our creative solutions frequently combine electronics and software, optics, RF and microwave, pneumatics and hydraulics, together with the mechanical 'wrapper' to provide our clients with the next generation technology products they desire.

We routinely integrate Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) and Military off the Shelf (MOTS) components and equipment to provide an enhanced capability.

Size doesn't matter
We are equally accustomed to designing and developing products containing small precision optical, electronic and mechanical components as we are developing and delivering large bespoke production and process systems.

Process machine
Production machine (over 5 metres long)